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  • #01. Put the object for sale in value & fill out our form.!

    It is important that the object you wish to sell is in good condition and represented in its best light. Make sure the items are presentable. Take pictures of your item.(Take a minimum of three pictures.) Submit all the information needed to promote your item. Choose between our drop-off or pick-up option.

  • #02. Delivery of your item to the depot

    If your request is validated we will wait for you at the depot or pick up your item at the agreed date and time.

  • #03. Auction of your artices

    As soon as we receive your items in our warehouse, you can follow the progress of the auction from your reseller space.

  • #04. Payment

    Receive your winnings within 14 DAYS of the resale date.

    If your items are not resold, you have three options:

    - You accept a lower offer*,
    - You extend the sale*,
    - Vous récupérez votre article*.

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